love is …

an essential nutrient

a ladder to the stars and a bungee cord back

a buoy on rough seas

the smile that appears out of nowhere

seeing and being seen

my reflection in your glasses

your smile in my lens

the tourniquet to stop the bleeding

flame retardancy in the face of fire

cool water during a hot flash

the bridge between rocky shores

the guest of honor in a circle of friends

leaning in during the hard times

alive in conflict

making amends

present in forgiveness



in the stillness of the space between us

all that remains in the final moments

homemade cannoli

fuzzy slippers and an electric blanket on a cold night

pulling the plug and putting it back in again

finding the last chair in the room

a warm hand on the small of my back

the sparkle of sun on the water

percolating in the mud

new blossoms and autumn leaves


a heart as wide as the sky

an umbrella on a rainy day

missing you

faith in something bigger

light at the end of a tunnel

the movie that makes you cry

the movie that makes you laugh

your laugh my laugh our laughter

purring in my ear

warm skin on skin

understanding and kindness



compassion and vulnerability

cultivated by gratitude

stepping in and standing back

holding on and letting go

ebb and flow; yin and yang

hearing your music and singing together

louder than sound; closer than air

the whisper on the wind

the ground for growth

the balm for grief


the glue that binds the broken pieces

a precious gift

what saves us

who we always are

who we always were

a current under our fear

what saves us

who we always were

who we ALWAYS are

all there is.

peace ❤


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