6.21.13 Solstice. The longest day of the year; beginning of the season of abundance and enLIGHTenment.
School’s out, time for spaciousness.
Sun on your face, breeze in your hair, water on your skin, sand between your toes, blankets in the grass, rockin’ the sundresses and shorts, sweatin’ cats and dogs.

Cats laying around, stretched and flat in the heat one eyeball on the birds, the other shut tightly continuing the catnap.  23 hours and 45 minutes rather than the usual 23 and a half hours.  Their beautiful fur sparkles in the sun as they enjoy the light.

Dad’s giant tomatoes and zucchini in numbers that could, and would, feed the entire neighborhood.

The hammock.

The oscillation of the fan; the hum of the air conditioner.  Goose bumps on the skin from too much air conditioning; sweat bumps on the skin from not enough.

The season of abundance, abundant electric bills.

Memories of summers past.  ImagePalisades Park, the Jersey Shore …  Image Lavallette, Seaside Heights, Belmar, Wild Wood, vacations on old Cape Cod, Sonoma and San Francisco, my back yard in Bergen County, family picnics on Sundays at the lake with the gravy pot on the barbecue grill as soon as the cars were parked, family picnics in the back yard on South Street and Griffith Street, Florida, other places.  Image

Sunning on the rocks.   ImageAnd now, love on the rocks.

New York City
Street fairs.
Ice cold drinks.
Brain freeze.

Season of abundance; rich memories, a great day planned and a wide open summer sky ahead.

I love the summer.


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