Winning the lottery?

Having a car in NYC means dealing with alternate side of the street parking.  Oh, yeah … In my neighborhood we do the alt side dance and, if you find the groove, it’s actually not too annoying.  It simply is part of my schedule for the day, three days a week.  Just for reference, I […]


6.21.13 Solstice. The longest day of the year; beginning of the season of abundance and enLIGHTenment. School’s out, time for spaciousness. Holiday. Sun on your face, breeze in your hair, water on your skin, sand between your toes, blankets in the grass, rockin’ the sundresses and shorts, sweatin’ cats and dogs. Cats laying around, stretched […]

One More Once

Father’s Day, 2013.  Dad’s been gone for 10 years but I still feel the hole in my heart.  What keeps me going when days are rough is the sound of the mourning dove, a bird whose call he could perfectly mimic by cupping his hands and whistling through his thumbs.  The mourning dove isn’t always […]

Six and a half avenue …

Looking forward to Yin Yoga Flow with Eileen at Devotion’s Urban Sanctuary, I made my way on foot to the PATH station at Herald Square.  It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I was running a little later than I wanted to but still had ample time to get to Hoboken.  On the bonus side, […]