Worth the wait?

Waiting is a part of life.  Sometimes waiting is forced on us and other times we choose to wait.   And when I’m waiting, sometimes I wonder, “Is there anything that’s worth waiting for?  Anything that’s worth putting other things on hold for?”  There are a number of deep thoughts behind the waiting thing but […]

Love & Awe

Once upon a time, back in the days of being forced to attend dreadful faculty meetings and workshops, I heard a wonderful speech.  The woman delivering it was a superintendent, one of two with whom I’d had close contact and for whom I had deep respect.  The kernel of her speech was that life wasn’t […]

New Perspectives

My mat and I have been taking space in the front row of classes ever since we started practicing yoga.  On rare occasions, like being new to a class or late for a class or attending a really crowded class, we sometimes land somewhere in the middle of things.  But we really like being in […]

Not. MY. Butt.

From the Urban Dictionary: YOGA BUTT: The ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body. Only after years of practice can a man or woman acheive a yoga butt. It is perfectly proportioned, very tight, high, and sculpted. A yoga butt means you also have yoga arms, yoga abs, yoga legs, etc. It is […]

Gentle Breeze

20. July. 2001 Gentle breeze like a gentle heart                         Beats steadily across the meadow And her rhythms echo through the grasses                         Tapping on the flora             […]

Clown Car

5/2/13 Brushes with folks who’ve flown off the planet have tempered my dreams recently.  Not entirely sure why they’re lining up but it really doesn’t matter.  There are some things that just defy “knowing” and must be chalked up to the spirit world simply fucking with the mortals.  Perhaps feeling an odd and comforting sense […]

We Make a Difference

4/19/13 Ten years ago, in 2003, my parents left the planet.  Mom’s journey had been clearly outlined by a rapid decline in her condition but dad’s leap took us by surprise; jaw droppingly, he jumped into the ejector seat first.  According to the wonderful staff at the nursing home “he had to go ahead to […]

A Riff on Connection

It was a Thursday.  My cool audiobook audition had been postponed to Monday so, wanting to put the block of time to productive use, I headed to a late afternoon yoga class. Normally I’m in the yoga studio between 10:30a and 2p and it’s really busy with folks buzzing around. Not being familiar with late […]

The Giving Mat

In yoga class, there’s always something to be learned, something to be discovered ON the mat; magnificent somethings that tickle the heart, the soul and then resonate across life’s continuum.  And it’s awesome when you actually live one of those somethings even in the most fleeting of moments.  Recently, though, I actually learned something FROM […]